Prevalence of dento-alveolar traumatisms in the urgency pediatric dental clinic of FO. UFRGS

Ramiro Borba Porto, Jeane Soares Amorim de Freitas, Márcia Regina Soares Cruz, Ana Eliza Lemes Bressani, Juliana Sarmento Barata, Fernando Borba de Araujo


The aim of this study was assess different types of dento-alveolar traumatisms in children who were attended in an Universitary Extension Course of Urgency in Pediatric Dentistry in FO. UFRGS, from April 1999 to December 2000, as well as clinical procedures done. The sample comprised 129 children, 80 boys (62,01 %) and 49 girls (37,99%), between O to 14 years of age. The age group most prevalent was of 2-4 years of age for trauma to primary teeth, while to permanent teeth was of 8-10 years of age . Supporting tissue injuries were most prevalent in primary dentition (79,64%), mainly intrusion (35,55%) and lateral luxation (27, 77%). On the other hand, hard tissue injuries (59,25%) were most prevalent to permanent teeth with 70,83% of crown fractures without pulp exposure followed by 22,91% of crown fractures with pulp exposure. Regarding to clinica! management, orientations procedures were the most prevalent conduct: 72,56% for primary teeth and 27,61 % for permanent teeth. Restoration (25,92%) were the second clinical procedure most prevalent for permanent teeth and extraction (13,27%) for primary traumatized teeth.


Traumatisms; Urgency; Pediatric dentistry


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