Telemedicine: a review of the literature.

Mariana Soirefmann, Melissa Brauner Blom, Larissa Leopoldo, Tania Cestari


The growth of technological innovations in computer science, high-resolution digital image compression, robotics and Internet had a great impact in the process of delivering medical information. We present a report that focus on the wide range of types and applications of telemedicine, such as tele-education, tele-health care, cost-effectiveness e the way this model is present in Brazil. At Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, the Dermatology Department aims to inte-grate telemedicine in the educational curriculum of the Medical School, through the use of the Cybertutor plataform for teaching Dermatology.


Telemedicina; Tele-educação; Teledermatologia

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