Common Dissimilarity Measures are Inappropriate for Time Series Clustering

Cássio Martini Martins Pereira, Rodrigo F. de Mello


Clustering algorithms have been actively used to identify similar timeseries, providing a better understanding of data. However, common clustering dis-similarity measures disregard time series correlations, yielding poor results. In thispaper, we introduce a dissimilarity measure based on series partial autocorrelations.Experiments compare hierarchical clustering algorithms using the common dissimi-larity measures, such as Euclidean Distance and Dynamic Time Warping, to clustertime series following Box-Jenkins Auto-Regressive models. Results show that ourdissimilarity measure produces better results for both synthetic and real data sets interms of the Adjusted Rand Index and Normalized Hubert Γ statistic. Our findingsconfirm that the choice of dissimilarity measure is crucial for improving time seriesclustering quality.


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