Independent learners in abstract traffic scenarios

Anderson Rocha Tavares, Ana Lucia Cetertich Bazzan


Traffic is a phenomena that emerges from individual, uncoordinatedand, most of the times, selfish route choice made by drivers. In general, this leads topoor global and individual performance, regarding travel times and road network loadbalance. This work presents a reinforcement learning based approach for route choicewhich relies solely on drivers experience to guide their decisions. There is no coordinatedlearning mechanism, thus driver agents are independent learners. Our approachis tested on two abstract traffic scenarios and it is compared to other route choice methods.Experimental results show that drivers learn routes in complex scenarios with noprior knowledge. Plus, the approach outperforms the compared route choice methodsregarding drivers’ travel time. Also, satisfactory performance is achieved regardingroad network load balance. The simplicity, realistic assumptions and performance ofthe proposed approach suggests that it is a feasible candidate for implementation innavigation systems for guiding drivers decision regarding route choice.


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