UMLtoSBVR: An SBVR-based tool to validate UML conceptual schemas

Raquel Pau, Jordi Cabot, Ruth Raventós


The UMLtoSBVR tool facilitates the interaction between designers and business people in order to refine and validate the information modeled in a UML conceptual schema (CS) to make sure that the CS is correct before starting the implementation phase. To this end, the tool is able to paraphrase the CS, i.e. to describe the CS elements using natural language expressions that can be understood by the business people lacking of the technical background to directly understand the UML notation. As an intermediate step, the tool transforms the UML CS into a SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules) specification. The SBVR standard facilitates the expression of the CS in different natural language styles (as Structured English or Rule Speak).

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