Project Based Learning in Projects in the Data mining: a tutoring experience report

Soraya Roberta dos Santos Medeiros, Cibelle Amorim Martins, Humberto Rabelo


Data Mining (MD) is an area from Computer Science that has been taught as a discipline, because it allows the generation of knowledge about society. It had being offered in Information Systems Bachelor (BSI) undergraduate course at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) with the execution of hypothetical projects unrelated to students' reality, so final number of enrolled students was low. This work aims to report the application of the Project Based Learning (PBL) approach in MD teaching during 2018.1 semester of BSI course at UFRN with the help of a Tutoring Project. For doing that, training actions about PBL and MD were carried out with monitors and students. As a result, the number of offerings was filled and students developed projects related to their life contexts, got articles approved at academic conferences, and produced research and outreach projects.


Problem Based Learning. Data mining. Tutoring.

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