Influence factors of culture of intelligence in organizations

Vivian Aguiar de Souza, Raquel Janissek-Muniz


Organizations have recognized intelligence processes to deal with uncertainties, anticipate and better direct their decisions, aiming at greater competitiveness and sustainability. Among the influencing factors in these processes, culture, built by values, standards and behaviors, is strongly highlighted. In order to identify which characteristics are present in the culture of intelligence, we explore different elements covered in the literature. Studies point to cultural factors of leadership, communication, trust and collaboration, learning, and an orientation to the future and innovation as capable of influencing the intelligence processes. Aiming to identify factors of organizational culture that can influence intelligence processes in organizations, a SLR was carried out to form the construct “intelligence culture”, with validation by specialists, via Card Sorting and Delphi method. As a result, factors as leadership, appropriate communication and team awareness were identified. In terms of theoretical contribution, this study identifies the organizational culture factors which can influence the intelligence processes, uniting findings from the literature and the intelligence specialists’ opinions. It also proposes an instrument that can serve as a reference for future studies of culture factors and intelligence in organizations. In practical terms, organizations can diagnose and think strategies that develop the organizational culture in their processes.


Organizational Culture. Intelligence Culture. Intelligence Processes. Intelligence.

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