A Soul Dancing or Plunging: body and presence in literary experiences

Ligia G. Diniz (Universidade de Brasília ‒ UnB, Brasília/DF, Brazil)


This paper reflects upon the affective dimension of the experience of reading fiction and poetry. I argue that the space of the imagination allows the approach of literary texts by means of sensations and emotions. Therefore, I formulate a concept of presence suitable for thinking about literary experiences, in which the reader’s body is mobilized by effects triggered by the text when in contact with his imagery.


Presence; Literature; Imagination; Aesthetic Experience; Affects


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REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE ESTUDOS DA PRESENÇA - Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies - e-ISSN 2237-2660 - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil - http://www.seer.ufrgs.br/presenca





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