Bodies that Danced their Voices


  • Gisela Reis Biancalana (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria – UFSM, Santa Maria/RS, Brazil) UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - Santa Maria - RS


Body, Dance, Voice, Creation, Collaboration


The article makes a reflection about the relevance of the voice perceived as body in movement. This understanding is first discussed under the light of the assumptions of authors from performing arts, theater and dance. Next, it was made a proposal for a creative process in dance which considered the collaboration of performers on their path. Dance work was developed with actors and it had the voice as the main driving element. This artwork aimed to discuss a possible move towards a vocal pedagogy for the scene performers.


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Biancalana (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria – UFSM, Santa Maria/RS, Brazil), G. R. (2015). Bodies that Danced their Voices. Revista Brasileira De Estudos Da Presença, 6(1), 30–46. Recuperado de



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