Èmí, Ofò, Asé: Elinga and the dance of the Mulheres do Àse

Lau Santos


The present study aims to discuss the notion of scenic presence based on the use of principles from African-diasporic cultural practices. The reflections presented emerge from the intersection between the development of postdoctoral research entitled Elinga and the performance Mulheres do Àse. It presents itself as discursive and structural basis the foundations of the Yoruba cosmogony èmí (breath of life), ofó (enchantment) and asé (vital energy) in dialogue with the concepts body-file, body-weapon, decoloniality, ritualization of the moment and scenic presence. 


Ancestry; Decoloniality; African Diaspor;. Scenic Presence; Elinga


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REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE ESTUDOS DA PRESENÇA - Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies - e-ISSN 2237-2660 - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil - http://www.seer.ufrgs.br/presenca





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