Entry-marking ἀλλὰ γάρ in Greek tragedy and comedy

José Marcos Macedo


In Greek tragedy and comedy, a character arriving on stage may be announced by using the particle combination ἀλλὰ γάρ or καὶ μήν. Entry-marking ἀλλὰ γάρ is said by Denniston (1954) to be either “complex” (whereby ἀλλά goes with the main clause and γάρ with a dependent clause) or “simple” (both particles going with the main clause). Taking this as a starting point, all the instances of entry-marking ἀλλὰ γάρ are surveyed in the light of the PUSH and POP theory as expounded by Slings (1997). Similarities and differences between ἀλλὰ γάρ and entry-marking καὶ μήν are also pointed out, and brief conclusions are drawn thereof.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2238-8915.58421

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