Brazilian learners of English perceptions about oral production on a digital storytelling task cycle

Fernanda Delatorre, Juliane Regina Trevisol


This study investigated Brazilian learners of English perceptions about their production in a digital storytelling task cycle. Participants were 14 learners of English from an undergraduate program in Brazil. Data from the present study were obtained from participants’ answers to the four questionnaires presented to them along the digital storytelling task cycle. After that, their answers were grouped and analyzed in order to have a broad view on their perceptions regarding oral production in the digital storytelling task cycle.  The present study found that participants were concerned about their oral production as a whole, that they became more engaged and critical regarding the language learning process and aware about it with the use of digital storytelling. It also found that the teacher should be prepared to use technology and tasks in class and stimulate their students to use them so that language learning may be improved from its use.

KEYWORDS: oral production, digital storytelling, task, Brazilian learners of English

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