Codesigning emancipatory systems: a study on mobile applications and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues


  • Guilherme Colucci Pereira State University of Campinas
  • Maria Cecilia Calani Baranauskas State University of Campinas


LGBT, state of art, state of technique, empowerment, codesign


HCI is a well-suited discipline for designing systems intended to support disenfranchised groups. The LGBT population is increasingly gaining visibility, but the range of subjects they are affected by prejudice and exclusion is wide. This work begins by a review on LGBT issues in HCI literature and mobile applications. We point out a lack of consideration of LGBT people as designers and critical approaches, explicitly aiming to not only understand but effectively act on social issues. In addition, few mobile applications disclose a critical goal, despite their potential impact on health, alterity, empathy, safety, and sociability. Then, we describe a semioparticipatory approach for codesign, focusing on the first conducted activities where the relations between mobile applications and LGBT issues were discussed with volunteers interested in the subject. Finally, we present the concept of a novel application aiming at the support and protection of LGBT people.


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Special Issue - IHC 2017