Performance Evaluation of an xSight 3120 HMD and Usability Analysis of the Phantom Omni in a Thoracocentesis Simulation

Ellen dos Santos Correa, Paulo Roberto Trenhago, Thiago Eustáquio Oliveira, Jauvane Cavalcante de Oliveira


This work describes the development of a virtual-reality-based medical training simulation. The system is composed of 3D models of a surgery room, a virtual patient (with the involved internal structures), as well as the software components that implements a thoracocentesis training procedure. This work goes on to evaluate the performance of a xSight 3120 HMD, as well as a usability test of a Phantom Omni to perform the medical procedure. Such usability analysis was drawn out of interviews with volunteers who used the system. The evaluated criteria included the time to complete the task, success rate and user complaints, such as HMD visual discomfort and arm fatigue while using the Phantom Omni.


Virtual reality; Head Mounted Display (HMD); Medical training; Pleural tap, thoracocentesis, Phantom Omni.

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