Progressive Disclosure


  • Antonio D'Amato Conservatorio Statale di Musica di Avellino IT


Progressive Disclosure is a short piece where in an imaginary
landscape an unknown machine is progressively disclosed and explained in
order to revel its inner functions. The piece is an reflection on concepts of
approach modalities and comprehension of properties or qualities, that an
object possesses and its functions. Longslow sound objects and impulsive
sounds build up the piece. These elements are merged and extensively
overlapped in order to develop an imaginary panorama with basic elements of
a music vocabulary. Synthesized and acoustically derived sounds are both
used, but the focus here is mainly on the description of a progressively closer
observation of a visionary machine.


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D’Amato, A. (2015). Progressive Disclosure. Cadernos De Informática, 8(4), 84–84. Recuperado de