Thinking about Culture in iDTV Projects


  • Samuel B. Buchdid UNICAMP
  • Roberto Pereira UNICAMP
  • Heiko H. Hornung UNICAMP
  • M. Cecília C. Baranauskas UNICAMP


Interactive Digital Television (iDTV) is a technology that has potential to mitigate economic and social difficulties related to knowledge access and digital inclusion in Brazil. Nevertheless, iDTV solutions did not yet bring anything new and disappointed most users. Thinking about social and cultural issues in iDTV applications might result in design solutions that make sense to people affected by this new communication medium. In this paper, we propose a set of questions to support designers of iDTV applications to address cultural aspects during requirement analysis in a structured way. As practical use example, we apply these questions to prospect requirements from a cultural perspec-tive for an overlaid iDTV application in the real context of a Brazilian Company’s TV show.


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Buchdid, S. B., Pereira, R., Hornung, H. H., & Baranauskas, M. C. C. (2014). Thinking about Culture in iDTV Projects. Cadernos De Informática, 8(3), 17–24. Recuperado de