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Good evening ladies and gentlemen !! 
As everyone knows, yesterday gave the starting point the last major international tournament of the season with fifa 18 coin generator xbox 360, the tournament that brings together all champions of the CSVP leagues. 

How could it be otherwise, had encounters full of emotions, lots of football, tiki tiki, gambetas and goals of all kinds. Not for nothing are the champions of their respective league of fifa 18 online hack.
After the first two dates, we can see that only one team achieved the ideal score. The Paraguayan Cyclone prevailed in their two meetings on Uruguay FC, with a 2 to 0 at home and a 1 to 0 in their visit to charrúas lands, thus leaving to Uruguay FC with the empty hands in these two dates of fifa 18 free points cheat. Anyway although it was not the start expected by Uruguay FC this just started and sought to recover as quickly as possible, on the other side the team's winning team was pure party, although at the exit all had a common thought and so I reflect his captain before getting on the plane back home "You beat a great rival, but this just starts and you have to continue like this, without getting confused."
Cerro Porteño is the powerful LPC Municipal (PER), who won 4 of 6 on the first two dates, a draw at home and a victory in his visit to LVVP Valencia (VZLA). Valencia could not sustain the good result they had obtained in the first leg and lost 3 points at home that hurt, but there is still plenty of time to recover. 
Already a step further, we find 4 teams that distributed points and very strangely, since they all lost of local and gained of visit, will be a tendency? Very soon to say.
In this group we are the two-time Argentine champion Can You With Us, who faced the great champion of Brazil Saideira, in which you could say beforehand was the match of the date. And the truth is that they did not disappoint, they took care of all the expectation that generated their confrontation and they gave us a great spectacle, many goals, penal penalties, leaving us wanting that the match never ended. It was 1 to 0 in favor of Can You With Us in Brazil and a 4 to 1 for Saideira in Argentina.
The other party of these unexpected results was the protagonist of LEVP Green Club (ECU) and Always Ready (BOL), when everything seemed to indicate that Club Verde would dominate the serious by its great victory 4 to 0 in Bolivian lands, woke up Always Ready and took 3 valuable points of his passage through Ecuador with a convincing 2 to 0, leaving them thus with 3 points per side.