Indexing Services Types


Databases are groupings of data that, edited using similar attributes, have the function of assisting in the retrieval of information aimed at generating new content. Databases generally have a search engine for their records and are, to a large extent, classified into: type of publication, area of knowledge and target audience.



Directories (or repositories, in some cases) are lists that are intended to disseminate scientific and socio-cultural publications form different types of bodies or oganizations. They include lists that register the new published titles, as well as their changes and, in the case of scientific journals, all the relevant characteristics that take into account the publication and diffusion of their numbers.



Indexing portals are search tools very similat to directories. They are structured environments that brings together or integrates different sources of information. Its main function is the distribution of content to a series of other sites that harvest data on it, through search engines and a directory. The portals can be open (which guarantees access to all open access journals) or restricted (managed by companies or institutions that have the purpose of indexing the institution's publications), depending on the institution that manages it.


Indexes are intended to index the bibliographic references of each article that make up an edition or volume of a given journal, in order to measure the impact factor of each article cited. These references are subsequently used to retrieve information that will generate, from their accounting, the citation indicators.