Depression, lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of life in women with multiple sclerosis: A descriptive and correlational study

Bruna Maciel Catarino, Alessandro Finkelsztejn, Magda da Silva Aranchipe, José Geraldo Lopes Ramos, Luciano Palmeiro Rodrigues, Luciana Laureano Paiva


Background: Among the most ordinary clinical manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are depression and the presence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). Both can compromise a person’s quality of life. Objective: The objective of this research was to identify the major urinary symptoms and correlate them with quality of life and with depressive symptoms in women with MS. Methodology: This was an observatory, descriptive and correlational study, with non-probabilistic sampling by convenience. This research included women over 18 years old who displayed LUT symptoms and who had been diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS. Assessment consisted of an anamnesis card, the Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS), the Incontinence Impact Questionnaire-7 (IIQ-7-BR), the Urogenital Distress Inventory-6 (UDI-6-BR), the Beck Depression Inventory-2 (BDI-II) and the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Questionnaire - Portuguese version (MSQOL-54). Results: 41 women participated in the study, with average age of 50.1 (± 9.45) and average of 4.11 in the EDSS. The most common urinary symptom was urinary urgency (78%). There was no correlation between the severity of the urinary symptom and quality of life. Moderate and significant negative correlation (r = -0.561 p<0.001) was found between depression and the physical component of quality of life and strong negative correlation (r = -0.729 p<0.001) was found between depression and the mental component. Conclusions: The most prevalent urinary symptom was urinary urgency. A strong correlation was found between symptoms of depression and quality of life and there was no correlation between urinary symptoms and quality of life.

Keywords: Multiple sclerosis; urinary incontinence; quality of life; depression


Multiple sclerosis; urinary incontinence; quality of life; depression

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