Perinatal outcome of hypertensive pregnant women is related to the severity of preeclampsia

Marciano Anselmini, Lucas Kreutz Rodrigues, Bruna Balestrin, Daniel de Paula Santana, Gisely Freitas, Leonardo Kreutz Rodrigues, Francisco Maximiliano Pancich Gallarreta, Cristine Kolling Konopka


Introduction: Hypertension in pregnancy plays a key role in perinatal morbidity and mortality. This study aims to analyze maternal and perinatal outcomes associated with hypertension in pregnant women.

Methods: A prospective longitudinal study was conducted at the University Hospital of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil, involving hypertensive pregnant women admitted for delivery. The results were analyzed using the chi-square test and the Mann-Whitney test.

Results: Of the 162 hypertensive pregnant women studied, 61.1% were diagnosed with preeclampsia. Cesarean section was the most frequent mode of delivery (79.6%). Overall, 46.2% of newborns were premature; of these, 23.4% required intensive neonatal care. Preeclampsia and severe preeclampsia were associated with prematurity in 56.2% of cases (p = 0.011) and 75.7% of cases (p = 0.004), respectively. Severe preeclampsia was associated with neonatal complications (45.9%), and no neonatal complications were associated with mild preeclampsia in 78% (p = 0.014) and gestational hypertension in 96% (p = 0.001). Neonatal deaths occurred in 11.1% of cases admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit, corresponding to a neonatal mortality rate of 24 per 1,000 live births.

Conclusions: The association of severe preeclampsia with prematurity and adverse perinatal outcomes corroborates the need for care of these laboring women in referral centers with specialized neonatal care.

Keywords: Hypertension; pregnancy; pre-eclampsia; perinatal outcome; neonatal complications


Hypertension; pregnancy; pre-eclampsia; perinatal outcome; neonatal complications

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