Analysis of the presence of organic matter (ATP) in mobile devices of healthcare workers in hospitals

Eunice Beatriz Martin Chaves, Mônica Beatriz Agnes, Loriane Rita Konkewicz, Ana Lucia Kern Thomas, Jacqueline Jacques, Maurício Nunes Madeira


We report the result of an awareness campaign about the importance of hygiene of hands after using different devices used in assistance to patients, such as tablets, notebooks, mobile phones, identification, watches, cameras, showing the level of contamination found after technical using detection of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) via bioluminescence, which enables a quantitative assessment ready and easy to implement. ATP molecules found in all living cells react with the enzyme complex generating light representing the presence of organic matter in such objects.

Keywords: Nosocomial infection; fomites; hand hygiene


Nosocomial pathogens; mobile phones contamination; hygiene of hands

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