Mirizzi Syndrome Type IV: A challenging diagnosis

Daniel Navarini, Carlos Augusto Scussel Madalosso, Diego Reffatti, Luma Guareschi, Ana Paula Schmitt, Guilherme Marx, Paula Jaskulski, Henrique Ribeiro, Thalis Laydner


Mirizzi Syndrome type IV is an extremely rare condition, which is confused with the diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma in many cases. This report describes a case of a forty-three-year old patient, who was forwarded to our department of general surgery with a high suspicion of a choledochal neoplasic lesion. During the hospitalization he was diagnosed with Mirizzi Syndrome type IV. We concisely describe the case and the literature review about this pathology.


Mirizzi Syndrome; cholangiocarcinoma; jaundice

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