Upper limb revascularization with reversed vein graft and microvascular anastomoses, after brachial artery aneurysm resection, in a child with tuberous sclerosis.

Ciro Paz Portinho, Joel Alex Longhi, Adriana Muradás Girardi, Amanda Prestes Valente, Carlos Francisco Jungblut, Clara Belle Manfroi Galinatti, Sérgio Ventura Gomes Júnior, Adamastor Humberto Pereira, Marcus Vinicius Martins Collares


The authors present an unusual case of a 3-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a fast-growing brachial aneurysm due to tuberous sclerosis. The patient was submitted to aneurysm resection and microsurgical reconstruction with reversed greater saphenous vein graft at the same time. She had a favorable follow-up, without neuromuscular deficits. Doppler ultrasonography has been performed for diagnosis, vein graft choosing, and postoperative follow-up. It is the opinion of the authors that such combined approach may be the routine for pediatric vascular reconstructions. Finally, this reconstruction has been rarely reported in tuberous sclerosis patients.


tuberous sclerosis, upper limb aneurysm, microsurgery, vein graft.

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