Large aortic aneurysm and dissection in a patient with Marfan's syndrome

Fernando Pivatto Júnior, Leila Denise Cardoso Ramos, Murilo Foppa, Felipe Soares Torres


Marfan’s syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder of connective tissue affecting approximately1 in5000 people. In individuals with this syndrome, more than 90% of deaths from known causes result from cardiovascular complications, such as aortic dissection, aortic regurgitation, and congestive cardiac failure. In this report, we present a patient with a large symptomatic aortic aneurysm and chronic dissection, severe aortic regurgitation and cardiomegaly, treated successfully with resection of the proximal aorta and placement of a mechanic aortic valved graft. 


Marfan’s syndrome; aortic aneurysm; dissection

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