Castleman`s Disease and POEMS Syndrome: case reporte and review of literature

Bianca Fontana, André Zanella, Sérgio Prezzi


Castleman’s disease is a lymphoproliferative disorder related with human herpesvirus 8 and HIV, presenting in two different ways. The unicentric form is benign, doesn’t have systemic symptoms and is usually cured with surgery. The multicentric form usually presents with generalized lymphadenopathy, fever, weight loss, and other systemic manifestations and it can be associated with malignancy, especially POEMS syndrome. We report a case of a 50 year old man presenting with weight loss, fever and lymphadenopathy, associated with monoclonal gammopathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy and neuropathy, which diagnosis was Castleman’s disease with POEMS syndrome


Doença de Castleman; Síndrome de POEMS

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