Botryomycosis mimicking acute abdome: a case report

Tomaz de Jesus Maria Grezzana Filho, Lisiane Treis, Samanta Daiana De Rossi, Emanuel Burck dos Santos, Karla Pêgas, Cleber Dario Pinto Kruel


Botryomycosis is a rare chronic granulomatous bacterial infection involving mostly the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The nomenclature is a misnomer as it is caused by true bacteria and not by fungus. This uncommon infection sometimes simulates neoplasia and actinomycosis. Staphylococcus aureus is the agent isolated in most cases, followed by Pseudomonas sp. cepas. The authors present an uncommon case of invasive umbilical Botriomycosis simulating an acute abdome. A combination of surgery and antibiotic therapy treatment was applied with complete resolution of the infection. More often seen in the skin, this is the first report of Botryomycosis affecting this site.


Botryomycosis; Splendore-Hoeppli Phenomenon; Granulomatous; Staphylococcus aureus; Abdomen, Acute

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