Education in Health care: a challenge to change in nursing care praxis

Elisabeth de Fátima da Silva Lopes, Fernanda Rosa Indriunas Perdomini, Giovana Ely Flores, Liege Machado Brum, Maria Lúcia Scola, Miriam Buogo


This paper presents the implementation of an education proposal in health care services for nursing professionals at Hospital de Clínicas in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It approaches the routes followed by educators in service from the Nursing Technical School in the sense of promoting changes in educational practices that had been performed based on the paradigm of continuing education. The proposal is based on the National Policy for Permanent Education for those working for the Brazilian Unified Health System and on the Health Hu-manization Policy of the Brazilian Health Ministry. This experiment aims at the creation of educational spaces that can bring about dis-cussions and some reflection upon work processes by nursing teams. Under such perspective, changes in organization and attention focusing are built throughout everyday work, articulating between management, health care, teaching and research, aiming at overcom-ing the traditional concepts of education in health care and at consolidating a new paradigm in health education.


Educação em saúde; educadore em saúde;enfermagem

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