The Role of the Nursing Supervisor in Cornea Procurement at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil

Solange Pilati, Vera Maria Bruxel, Claudia Beatriz Nery, Diovane Ghignatti da Costa, Rosalba Righi


The Eye Bank at Hospital of Clínicas of Porto Alegre was created in 2004, and Nursing Supervisors were invited to participate in the process of cornea procurement. This study aimed at showing the result of that participation and providing visibility to scholars and professionals concerning the stages of such process. It is a descriptive study with quantitative analysis of death rates at the Hospital throughout 2006, as well as family interviews and cornea procurements performed along that period of time. Out of 68 cornea procurements, the supervisors participated in 75%, which confirms their importance in this process.


Supervisão de enfrmagem; córneas, abordagem familiar

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