Implantation of prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers assistencial protocol’s in Hospital of Clinicas of Porto Alegre

Dóris Baratz Menegon, Rossana Rosa Bercini, Marcia Ivani Brambila, Maria Lucia Scola, Melânia Maria Jansen, Raquel Yurica Tanaka


Pressure Ulcer (PU) is a public health problem. Its prevention requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team. Among hospitalized patients, according to international literature, its prevalence lies between 3 to 14%. Due to the complexity of the problem, since the PU has multifactorial causes, is imperative to adopt institucional systematic measures with involvement of all the nursing team, in order to prevent it. For better implementation of the prevention measures, a Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcer was elaborated, with envolvement of diverse professionals. Nurses of the Prevention and Treatment of Wounds and Continuing Education Programs have the responsibility to implement the measures in inpatient awards. Bornedave was the educational theoretical reference for the process of consolidation of the PU, being the participants - nursing team - active and transforming agents and not only mere receivers of information. The use of a Scale for the Evaluation of Risk for PU was developed in order to be used during the admission of the patient. Other innovations and equipments were also part of the implementation of the Assistencial Protocol.


ulcera de pressão, cuidados de enfermagem,protocolos clínicos

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