Implantação do programa de adesão ao tratamento de HIV/AIDS - relato de experiência

Beatriz Fátima Pereira Guaragna, Maria Luiza Machado Ludwig, Ana Luiza Prestes da Cruz, Ariane Graciotto, Aline Modelski Schtkoski


Adherence to antiretroviral treatment is currently one of the points that have the highest impact on reducing complications and improving quality of life of people with HIV/AIDS. With the aim of providing patients and their family with an effective and continuous orientation, an adherence program was created, divided into two strategies. The first is comprised of individual meetings with nurses for education, counseling and an opportunity to share their feelings/doubts with a health professional. To do so, a partnership with a multidisciplinary staff was established, and a nursing schedule, as well as a protocol, was created for these appointments. The second strategy, aimed at a collective approach, took place through a series of free lectures, in which an invited professional discussed issues suggested by the participants (patients, their family, friends and people interested in those issues). Participation was voluntary and anonymous for everyone interested. For a 1-year period, 65 patients were seen in individual appointments; the others have appointments at intervals according to their individual needs. In the same period, 296 people attended the series of lectures in nine meetings. An improvement was noted as to how patients participating in the program face their condition.


Adesão, HIV, Síndrome da Imunodeficiência Adquirida, Anti-retroviral

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