Adolescent fatherhood: perceptions about baby care

Lenir Severo Cauduro, Maria da Graça Corso Motta


This study has derived from a Master’s dissertation focusing on the meanings of becoming a father during adolescence. It aims at understanding the way adolescent fathers take care of their children, based on the construction of their masculinity and their own care experiences in their families. The subjects of this research were seven adolescents, aged 17-19 years old, whose newborns were in Neonatal Unit of Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre in 2005. Data collection was carried out through semi-structured interviews and participative observation, after approval by the Ethics Committee of the institution. Data were submitted to content analysis, according to Gomes. The care process starts in the adolescent fathers’ families, then reflecting on care provided by the young fathers after their babies leave hospital.



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