Analysis of drug prescriptions dispensed by a Pharmacy in a Basic Health Unit in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Paula Guzatto, Denise Bueno


Objective: To evaluate errors in prescriptions and percentage of drugs effectively collected, allowing a better understanding of how drugs contribute to the orientation of pharmaceutical assistance in the Basic Health Unit (BHU) Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA) Santa Cecília. Methods: This was a longitudinal, retrospective study of dispensed prescriptions in a BHU in Porto Alegre, Brazil, over a 1-month period including all prescriptions that had at least one dispensed item. Parameters to be analyzed: 1) origin of medical prescription; 2) unsatisfied demand; 3) use of commercial name; 4) dosage; 5) date; 6) patient’s identification data; 7) prescriber’s identi-fication data;8) prescription’s legibility. Results: A total of 3,701 drug prescriptions were evaluated. As to origin, 24.2% (894) of prescrip-tions came from HCPA; 49.3% (1,824) from UBS HCPA-Santa Cecília; 9.6% (357) from other health units; 9.1% (338) from health plans/private; 7.6% (280) from other hospitals; and 0.2% (seven) had no origin identification. With regard to all prescriptions, 10,189 drugs were prescribed, corresponding to an average of 2.75 (±1) drugs per prescription. Drugs dispensed by the pharmacy at UBS HCPA-Santa Cecília corresponded to 67.1% of that amount. Of the total drugs that were not dispensed, 74.7% belonged to the Municipal List of Drugs. Of 3,701 prescriptions analyzed, 18% showed some type of error. There were 3,519 somatic errors, considering that a single prescription had more than one error. Mean number of errors per prescription was 5.3 (±2). Conclusion: To reach positive results in therapeutics, it is necessary to have a permanent education on the importance of drug prescription for health professionals, avoiding prescription errors and, in many cases, unsatisfied demands.


Assistência Farmacêutica. Uso Racional de Medicamentos. Erros de Medicação. Atenção Primária. Prescrições Médicas.

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