“Brasileiros sobre a Europa” – Brasil: além do centro e da periferia?

Gerson R. Neumann


Augusto Boal and Raduan Nassar are two important figures of Brazilian culture who reflected their country inside its borders as well as beyond them. In two of the writings that are part of the book Lateinamerikaner über Europa, which was organized by Curt Meyer-Clason, both of them write what they think about Europe. In “Um índio desterrado. Carta a um amigo” (A banished Indian. Letter to a friend), by Augusto Boal, one can see the reflection of a person who thinks about the relationship between Brazil and Europe from the perspective of theatrical activity, and, most specifically, the perspective of the “Theatre of the Oppressed”. Likewise, in “Imitação e valorização própria” (Imitation and self valorization), Raduan Nassar undertakes a socioeconomic reading of the relationship between the European continent and Brazil on a historical basis.

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