The system of language, dialogue and discourse

Ana Zandwais


The objective of this article developed at Post-Graduate studies at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State is to refl ect on the conception of discourse, as a complex object, constituted by opacity and hybridity. For investigating this conception, we will analyze some important notions introduced in the Soviet context by Valentin N. Volochinov, Mikhail M. Bakhtin and Lev Jakubinskij, during the fi rst decades of the twentieth century, that not only contributed to the construction of the conception of discourse but also infl uenced the basis of important studies developed about the notions of polyphony, heterogeneity and ideology, in European context, by famous french semanticists, linguists and philosophers as Oswald Ducrot, Jacqueline Authier-Revuz and Michel Pêcheux.

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