A survey of cultural aspects in Human Computer Interaction Research


  • Isabela Gasparini UDESC
  • Marcelo S. Pimenta UFRGS
  • José Palazzo M. de Oliveira UFRGS


Considering culture in human computer interaction research is an important issue since culture has a strong impact on many cognitive and affective processes, closed related to the design and evaluation of interactive systems. Also, people with different cultural backgrounds develop alternative interpretations and strategies and do not value their environment in the same way, and this reflects in their interactions and satisfaction with interactive technologies. In this survey we summarize some concepts of the cultural aspects related to human computer interaction research. After we discuss how HCI practices could address these cultural issues. Our intention is to establish background and some basic concepts for helping researchers incorporating cultural issues in their design and evaluation processes.


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Gasparini, I., Pimenta, M. S., & Palazzo M. de Oliveira, J. (2014). A survey of cultural aspects in Human Computer Interaction Research. Cadernos De Informática, 8(3), 09–16. Recuperado de https://seer.ufrgs.br/index.php/cadernosdeinformatica/article/view/v8n3p09-16