Performance ratings of impact noise insulation materials using the tapping machine and a non-standardized source

Andriele da Silva Panosso, Stephan Paul


Studies conducted up to the present moment by researchers around the world show that the evaluation of impact noise depends both on the combined system of floor and on the type of impact source used in measurements. This implies that a particular solution for reducing the impact sound pressure level could work with great efficiency when using a tapping machine and not work so well when using a different impact noise source. The objective of this study is to discuss the performance of materials against the standardized and non-standardized source, determining which of two types of sources is most efficient in simulating real cases. Results of groups measured with the non-standardized source show that all materials behave similarly and do not represent a wide range of options to solve heavy impact noise real problems as results measured with the tapping machine suggest.


Building acoustics; impact noise insulation; non-standardized source;

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