Physical and oral characteristics of fragile X syndrome: literature review

Giovana Badan Martins, Bruna Luiza Roim Varotto, Ana Eliza Durães de Faria, Rita de Cássia D´Ottaviano Nápole, Reynaldo Antequera


Introduction: The fragile X syndrome is a genetic syndrome that mainly affects males. The name of this syndrome occurs as a consequence of a narrowing of the distal end of the long arm of the X chromosome, a site called the fragile site. This paper presents a review of the literature, presenting etiology, prevalence, diagnostic
methods, behavioral characteristics, general physical characteristics and dental interest, as well as considerations about the care provided by the dentist in patients with fragile X syndrome. Literature review: The main behavioral characteristics are attention deficit, difficulty
in social interaction, shyness, anxiety, emotional lability and stereotyped hand movements. The most prevalent findings of dental interest in the literature were the ogival palate, mandibular prognathism, macroglossia, enamel hypoplasia and malocclusion. Discussion: There were not many articles focused on facial and dental analysis of these patients. The care of this public is a challenge
for the dentist due to the behavioral and physiological characteristics presented. Conclusion: professional knowledge of the characteristics of this syndrome is important, as the syndrome is commonly associated with systemic diseases that may influence the treatment plan, as well as major orofacial changes.


Fragile x syndrome; Oral health; Autistic disorder


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