A Study about occurrences during procedures with sharpening instruments into college dentistry clinic

Menara Elen Silva Martins, Thaís Christine Borges Fernandes, Mariana Camilo Negreiros Lyrio-Alvares


Introduction: Biosafety, in the health area, plays a fundamental role in the prevention of occupational accidents, mainly with sharpening instruments. Methodology: The purpose of this study was performing an epidemiological survey by analyzing the notification forms about the accidents which occurred into the dentistry clinic, reported by undergraduates and college staff from a higher education institution, in Vitória City-Espírito Santo State, during the period from march 2014 to march 2019. Results: 76 notification forms were totally analyzed, highlighting the number of 69 occurrences with undergraduates which presented percentage level of (90,78%), and 7 occurrences with the college staff which presented the percentage level of (9,22%). The place with the highest incidence of accidents reporting was in the dentistry clinic with the number 47 which presented the percentage level of (61,84%), and the number 23 in the purge area which presented the percentage level of (30,27%), and for last, at the sterilization plant, the number 4 which presented the percentage level of (5,26%). Conclusion: After conducting this study, it’s possible to understand that the accidents rate during the use of sharpening instruments and materials is low when compared to the quantity of dental procedures performed. Biosafety protocols and standards of clinical conduct need to be followed to further minimize the risks of accidents.


Occupational risks; Health personnel; Protective devices

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2177-0018.99718

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