Maternal practices and care with the oral health of the child: a vision focused on a home routine

Brunno Henrique Kill Aguiar, Alessandra da Rocha Arrais


Introduction: The knowledge, perceptions and attitudes about oral health expressed by maternal figures are important and deserve attention. Action planning and understanding of values, attitudes and beliefs in health are social and biological phenomena lived culturally. Oral health education in the home environment is a promising optio for the educational process because of the ease of learning on the part of the children. Objective: To verify the knowledge of mothers about oral health in childhood, observing the practices and home care established by these women with the oral health of their child. Method: It was a qualitative and quantitative research that analyzed the data related to the practices and home maternal care with the oral hygiene of children, hospitalized in a Hospital in the Distrito Federal (DF). Results: The mean age of the children was 2 years. It turned out that 98% of mothers responded that their children have clean teeth when they are at home and 2% said no. Through the research it was found that 53% of children have visited the dentist at least once in their lifetime and 47% never went to the dentist. Conclusion: With the proposed study, it was possible to observe that despite the large percentage of children who never went to the dentist, there is a high adherence to oral cleaning practices at home, with the mother being the main family member responsible for caring for her child.


Social perception; Mother-child relationships; Oral health; Knowledge, attitudes and practice in health


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