Maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation: literature review and case report

Samira Carvalho, Ederson Orlando, Adriana Corsetti


The present study aimed to report a clinical case of facial deformity of traumatic etiology, rehabilitated through an facial prosthesis in the Buccomaxillofacial Prosthesis Extension Program of the Faculty of Dentistry of UFRGS. As well as to gather information that supports a discussion on this subject, allowing a wide and detailed knowledge. Case Description: Patient A.O.N., 62 years old, male, reported have suffered an automobile accident for 40 years and performed 10 plastic surgeries to date to correct the deformity. In a first moment was made the molding of the eyelid-eyelid region and made model of work in plaster. After the preparation of the ocular prosthesis with the iris obtained by the technique of hand painting. In the model of plaster with the ocular prosthesis in position was made sculpture. With the finished sculpture was made the inclusion of the piece in mufla and the insertion of the silicone in the negative copy with the realization of the intrinsic painting. With the patient present, extrinsic painting and characterization with eyelashes were performed. The prosthesis was fixed with glue, and it was recommended the use of glasses to support the prosthesis. Conclusion: It is not always possible to restore facial defects with a surgical approach, so the dentist's knowledge about facial prosthetic rehabilitations is important, since facial mutilation causes morphofunctional and psychosocial changes in patients with deformities, leading them to social and family isolation. Through facial prosthetic reconstructions, the individual can be reintegrated into society and improve their quality of life.


Maxillofacial prosthesis; Prosthesis; Rehabilitation


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