Identification influence of anatomic landmarks in results obtained on cephalometric analysis

Heraldo L. D. SILVEIRA, Heloísa E. D. SILVEIRA, Reni R. DALLA-BONA


The cephalometric analysis is based on the marking of anatomic landmarks. Some points show hard to be identified. To verify whether or not this difficulty represents the value differences obtained on cephalometry with a consequent alteration on its interpretation, we carried out a study using ten teleradiographies evaluated by five high class professionals who identified different anatomic landmarks for the obtention of angular greatness that define jaw and mandible positioning in respect with the skull anterior base. The result analysis showed significant differences as to the diagnoses found and we have concluded that small differences on anatomic markings can decisively influence on cephalometric analysis, generating different diagnoses and, producing as a consequence, mistaken treatment plans.


Oral health; Evaluation; Dentistry in public health


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