Sirurgical clivage: option for radical treatment of mandibular third molars. An in vitro study.

Edela PURICELLI, Marcel Fasolo de PARIS, Alberto TAMAGNA, Deise PONZONI, Mári Estela KENNER


Surgical clivage is defined as a longitudinal odontosection, produced by a double bisel chisel. This technique is very useful for radical treatment of third molar retention, mainly in its mesioangular position with approximately 45 degrees of inclination angle. The odontosection offers advantages like less bone and tooth drilling and a reduction on surgical time, giving more confort for the patient. The authors define in vitro the necessary strength for tooth fragmentation. The statistics results showed that there are no distinction among the strength employed when there were different numbers of strikes in the chinsel.


Surgical cleavage; Retained tooth; Strength


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