Surgical excision of hemangioma in lips with Nd: YAG laser

Paulo Eduardo KREISNER, Vinicius Nery VIEGAS, Ana Cláudia Lustosa PEREIRA, Rogério Miranda PAGNONCELLI


Hemangiomas are benign neoplasias of blood vessels. In the oral cavity they occur with larger prevalence in tongue, lips and buccal mucous. The surgical lasers are an excellent therapeutic alternative for this kind of vascular malformation. The cutting and photocoagulative properties of these lasers permit surgical excision procedures without bleeding risks, providing great cicatricial and postoperative aspects. The aim of this work is make a review of literature about the use of surgical lasers in the treatment of hemangiomas and report a case, in which Nd: YAG laser was used to surgically excise a hemangioma in lower lip.


Hemangioma; Laser de Nd:YAG; Photocoagulation; Surgical excision


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