Lingual amyloidosis associated to long-term hemodialysis: report of a case

Eduardo Costa STUDART-SOARES, Patrícia Leal DANTAS, Tácio Pinheiro BEZERRA, Luciana Paula Giacomet Pezzi STUDART, Ana Paula Negreiros Nunes ALVES


Amyloidosis represents a clinical situation resulting from deposits of amyloid protein in the extra cellular spaces of the organs and tissues that can coexist without causing any abnormality or produce serious consequences the body. Generally, it is classified in a variant limited to organs or in a systemic form. Although only rarely it can involve oral tissues, dentistry must recognize their clinical manifestations to help in the treatment or interruption of its progression. The purpose of this work is report a case of a patient that shows amyloid deposits in the tongue caused by long term hemodialysis.


Amyloidosis; Hemodialysis; Tongue


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