An integrated approach of a traumatized central incisor – a case report

Patrícia Inês Chaves Severo, Marcelo Totti, João Ferlini-Filho, Regis Burmeister dos Santos, Simone Bonato Luisi, Maria Carolina Guilherme Erhardt, Fábio Herrmann Coelho-de-Souza


OBJECTIVES: Dental trauma can promote many consequences to dental structure, such as crown, root and surrounding tissues, that depend on the type of trauma. The objective of this case report is to present an integrated approach in a case of dental trauma with endodontic involvement restored with composite resin associated with intracanal fiber post. CASE REPORT: A 12 years-old patient came to dental care service after a dental trauma episode regarding teeth 21 and 22, being 22 presenting a fail restoration already and 21 presenting extensive fracture and endodontic treatment needs. Tooth 21 showed 2 canals, coronal and root malformation and a mesial perforation. After endodontic treatment and all canals filled, a glass fiber post was luted in the main canal followed by a direct composite restoration. CONCLUSIONS: Therefore, based on this treatment planning, we could rehabilitate the smile of the patient, restoring the shape, function and aesthetics in a conservative way.


Trauma; Aesthetics; Composite resins; Endodontics


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