Tooth Reattachment with Composite Resin – A Case Report

Mayara Bonfadini Lima, Ewerton Nocchi Conceição, Andréa Brito Conceição, Rafael Melara, Fábio Herrmann Coelho-de-Souza


Dental fractures usually promote functional, aesthetic and psychological damages to patients. When the dental fragment is available and sound, tooth reattachment is the main technique. Tooth reattachment means to put the dental fragment in its original position and connect it by a bonding material. This present study means a case report about an upper central incisor tooth reattachment, in a young male patient, using a conventional dentin-bonding agent and a composite resin. After finishing the tooth reattachment technique, it was possible to restore the original shape and anatomy of the incisor, occlusal function and aesthetics to patient’s smile, in a conservative way without tooth structure loss.


Dental bonding; Esthetics dental; Composite resins


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