Profile of babies assisted in a oral health university program

Ana Paula Soares Sandri, Brenda Lanza Nakashima, Carmela Rampazzo Bresolin, Juliana Rodrigues Praetzel


Objective: To describe the profile of patients treated at the Clinic Babies UFSM. Materials and methods: A sense was conducted between March and July 2012, data were collected from the medical records and socioeconomic factors, resulting in a sample of 51 infants (0-47 months), all residents in Santa Maria or central region - RS. The statistic used was descriptive. Results: The infants involved in the study are mostly children of the white race, are under the responsibility of parents and live with them in the homes of five rooms, mostly with three residents with treated water supply. Half the cases mothers work outside, and, mostly were graduated at high school. The family income was usually between one and two minimum wages. Parents held their children brushing twice day using toothpaste. Predominated and breastfed babies who had never been to the dentist. With regards to deleterious oral habits, 77.6% use a bottle, and of these, 59.2% used day and night, 47.9% of babies are pacifier use and thumb sucking 25.5%. On clinical examination, 96.8% of babies have teeth of the normal series, 21.4% had malocclusion and 57.1% of children have caries. Conclusion: From the profile of the population served, you can direct the procedures that aim at maintaining and restoring the health and define the resources needed for its execution.


Infant; Child; Preschool; Oral health; Pediatric Dentistry


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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