Accidental aspiration of a finishing bur: clinical and legal aspects

Mário Marques Fernandes, Antonio Carlos Andresson Westphalen, Karen Ordovás, Rachel Tinoco, Fernanda Capurucho Bouchardet, Eduardo Daruge Júnior


The aim of this paper is to report a clinical case of prosthetic bur aspiration during dental procedure, and to evidence clinical, ethical and legal aspects related to this kind of accident. A male pacient, 58 years-old, during a dental procedure reported a sensation of itching in the throat. The service was discontinued and the patient was taken to hospital care. After imaging exam – radiography and computed tomography – it was diagnosed accidental aspiration of a finishing bur, which was successfully removed by bronchoscopy. The analysis of this case allows concluding that the dentist must know and apply the due means to prevent aspiration of foreign bodies during dental treatment, as the use of rubber dam or tying small objects with dental floss, as well as inform the patient about possible complications of this accident. This way the dentist will fulfill all professional responsibilities, and will be guarded from possible ethical issues.


Dental instruments; Complication; Liability; Legal

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