Report of joint service experience dentistry and nutrition for children 0-36 months in a basic health unit in the city of Porto Alegre-RS

Ana Paula dos Santos Machado, Sara Brunetto, Daniel Demétrio Faustino-Silva


Objective: It has been already well established the relationship between the inappropriate alimentary habits and the incidence of caries. These are serious public health problems that can be preventable in the context of the primary health care. This work proposes to describe the experience in the treatment set between odontology and nutrition for children from 0 to 3 years of age in a basic health unit. Materials and Methods: During this treatment together we dealt with questions about the oral hygiene, eating habits, control of ingest of sucrose and appropriate use of fluoride. The approach applied on the treatment was through health education. It allowed the establishment of a bonding, keeping tone of dialogue, flexible posture, with the possibility of exchange in order to develop autonomy. Results: During our experience we noticed a significant absenteeism in the treatment. Besides, the frequent use of baby bottles and pacifiers, the early introduction of sugar and its frequent use, possibly influenced by culture factors, among others. Despite the difficulties, we could established a relationship with the families, investigates the reflection and empower the parents to adopt healthier habits. The experience in care together provided in the professionals involved a space for exchanging knowledge, to practice of interdisciplinarity and to act in a more integral form. Conclusion: We believe that this form of treatment set is characterized as a viable and qualified practical of care and therefore should be stimulated in the health teams of the primary health care.


Child health; Oral health; food habits; primary health care


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e-ISSN 2177-0018 / ISSN 0566-1854.

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