Crown fractures in children in Rio Grande do Sul: data analysis of Survey SB-Gaúcho 2002/2003

Marília Leão Goettems, Eduardo Dickie Castilhos, Dione Dias Torriani


Dental trauma is recognized as a public health problem due to the high frequency that occurs and the costs involved in treatment. Among the injuries, the crown fractures are one of the most frequent. The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence of crown fractures in children in the primary and permanent dentition in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Secondary data from the Survey SB-Gaucho 2002/2003, of the State Department of Health were used. Data of 11,904 children were included, obtained with the diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization. The prevalence of crown fracture at 18 to 36 months was 1.5%, at 5 years was 1.8% and at 12 years was 2.7%. It was found that dental trauma tended to increase with age, indicating that it would benefit from measures aimed at prevention of oral diseases. The index used possess limitations, which minimize dental trauma occurrence. Criteria including other types of dental trauma should be used by national surveys to obtain a more reliable estimate of its prevalence.


Dentistry; Dental Health Surveys; Trauma


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